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Research team

Doctoral students

  • Juan Sebastián Cuéllar, Accessible prosthetics through 3D printing and a smartphone app.
  • Nazli Sarkalkan, Cartilage defect detection using ultrasound techniques.
  • Shahram Janbaz, Buckling and wrinkling: biofabrication using extreme mechanics.
  • Behdad Pouran, Physical properties of cartilage and bone in healthy and diseased joints.
  • Mohammad Ahmadi, Mechanical properties of porous bioinert/biodegradable biomaterials.
  • Parisa Rahnama Moshtagh, Cartilage regeneration and characterization.
  • Vahid Arbabi, Etiology of osteoarthritis: application of patient-specific finite element models.
Graduated doctoral students
  • Gianni Campoli, Computational bone mechanics: the interrelationships between shape, density distribution, and loading, Graduated on 20 May 2014.
  • Saber Amin-Yavari, Porous titanium for bone substitution: mechanobiology meets surface science, Graduated on 29 April 2014.

Visiting doctoral students

  • Reza Hedayati, 2015, Computational and analytical approaches for analysis of the mechanical properties of additively manufactured porous biomaterials.
  • Zahra Gorgin, 2015, Anti-microbial surfaces for additively manufactured porous biomaterials based on plasma electrolytic oxidation.
  • Sami Väänänen, 2010-2012 (several visits), sending institute: University of Eastern Finland, Topic: Mechanical testing of the femur accompanied with 3D full-field strain measurement using digital image correlation.
  • Lorenzo Grassi, 2012 (November), sending institute: Lund University, Topic: Measurement of full-field strain distribution during fracture testing of cadaveric femora.

MSc students

  • Dominique Fuchs, Modifying mechanical properties of peri-prosthetic fibrous membrane using biochemical factors- an exploratory study
  • Suvra Nath, “Induced differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells into cerebellar neurons”
  • Jochem Brandt, Patient-specific knee-sparing tumor endoprostheses for the distal femur
  • Cai Brockley, Comparison of implantation techniques for reconstruction of the hip joint including the sacrum
  • Joep de Krijger, Fatigue behavior of additively manufactured porous biomaterials and the effects of load ratio
  • Françoise Bobbert, Porous biomaterials based on triply periodic minimal surfaces.
  • Gerhard van Wolfswinkel, Inducible displacement for diagnosis of implant loosening: finite element simulations
  • Matthijs Heeres, Origami-based biomaterials and their mechanical behavior
  • Yoeri Sigterman, Mechanical behavior of additively manufactured structures and materials (in collaboration with Stuttgart University).
  • Chara Andriakopoulou, Dynamic mechanical characterization of hydrogels and cartilage (in collaboration with University of Strathclyde).
Graduated MSc students
  • Astrid Moerman, Histological and mechanical characterization of interface tissue between bone and loose orthopedic prostheses.
  • Joaquin V.V. Jorgge, Effect of bath condition on the diffusion of contrast agents across articular cartilage.
  • Asimina Glynou, Design of a mechanical loading device for studying the load-dependent transport of solutes across articular cartilage in a micro-CT chamber.
  • Axel Scheele, Can peak stresses in patient specific finite element models of total knee prostheses predict tibial component migration measured by radiostereometric analysis?
  • Paolo Sànchez, Microstructural model of the collagen fibril using finite element method.
  • Josip Rauker, Measuring Young’s modulus of 20LP10L20-LLA40 microspheres and gelatin-methacrylamide (GelMA) hydrogels using nano-indentation.
  • Nazli Sarkalkan, Statistical appearance models for fast and automated estimation of proximal femur fracture risk using finite element models.
  • Pauline Roels, Understanding the development of cam-type deformity by FE analysis of the immature proximal femur.
  • Sven van den Munckhof, Subject-specific femoral fracture prediction by finite element modeling.
  • Magaly Reyes Lua, Prediction of the elastic strain limit of tendons.
  • Sophie Borleffs, Finite element modeling to predict bulk mechanical properties of metal foams produced by 3d printing.
  • Sander Poelert, Thermal fluctuations of anisotropic semiflexible polymers.
Visiting MSc students
  • Suzan Bsat, Effect of alkali-acid-heat chemical surface treatment on electron beam melted porous titanium and its apatite forming ability (visiting student from Carleton University, Canada)
  • Alessandro Antico, exchange student, Univ Bologna (Italy), Computer aided design and finite element modeling to predict bulk mechanical properties of bone scaffolds using triply periodic minimal surfaces.